Tuesday morning in PoodleTown

Posted November 11th, 2008 by jacki

Good morning. November in PoodleTown is one of the best months of the year.   We say we’re having “Dog Weather”. The crisp fall air revitalizes the poodles and they are in constant party mode. Don and I have been walking the perimeter of Admiration Ranch every day along with two or three of the poodles. Three and a half times around is a mile so we go one mile a day. Our Ranch is graded so it’s not a walk for those who aren’t willing to climb a few hills. I’ve been on a 21 day detox program so that adds a bit of challenge for me as well. I have 6 days to go on the program. I’ve lost almost 15 pounds and feel and look much healthier. I decided to do it now so that the holidays would not just ruin me this year. I’m looking forward to finishing and gradually adding a variety of healthy foods back into my diet. I was suffering from allergies and fatigue so I felt it was time to do something about it. Don’s been so supportive. He started the program with but realized quickly it was simply not the program for him. He lost 12 pounds in four days! Men make me crazy sometimes!

The poodles love our our walks and I love walking with them. Fletcher is in the house with us right now. He’s such a gentleman. He makes sure not to do anything offending while in the house so that he can enjoy his leisure time with us. Adia, our new show puppy, has been learning how fun it is to watch TV and snuggle on our bed. Anja still doesn’t know how her rear end works so I have to lift her onto the bed. Yes, I let poodles in my bed. My trainer says I need to walk Anja over a ladder that’s laying flat on the ground so she’ll get the idea her back end works. Cherri…well Cherri just flies onto the bed like a piece of popcorn popping. Ella thinks she should sleep between Don and me like a third person in the bed. She’s entitled and we don’t mind, she’s just wonderful!!!

Well that’s my update for now. Make sure you check out our new site www.poodlesupply.com -  sooo… many pretty things and we’re not done loading  products so check back often.

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