A Day At The Eukanuba Championship Show

Posted December 14th, 2008 by jacki

Yesterday Don and I went to the Eukanuba Championship Dog Show to see our friend Joy Mason DVM.  She was invited by Eukanuba to come speak about Animal Communication. Dr. Mason gave a great talk and we really enjoyed what she had to say. We will be implementing her techniques here at PoodleTown to get in even better communication with our Poodles. I wonder what comments the Poodles will make about Raw Green Tripe we feed here at PoodleTown. As much as they LOVE IT I would expect great accalades about the tasty morsels.

In the foyer there were some designer custom Dog Houses. Take a look at this outrageous Octopus Dog House!

Then there was the “Diva House”, this one is for Poodles for sure!

What great imaginations the makers of these houses have. There were many others…all really cute!

We are so pleased that a Standard Poodle will be going into the Best In Show Ring and perhaps will be the big winner of the weekend!

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