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Yesterday Don and I went to the Eukanuba Championship Dog Show to see our friend Joy Mason DVM.  She was invited by Eukanuba to come speak about Animal Communication. Dr. Mason gave a great talk and we really enjoyed what she had to say. We will be implementing her techniques here at PoodleTown to get [...]

Mimi and Valri’ Go To Florida

December 3rd, 2008

Mimi and Valri’, two gorgeous white “Trinity” aka Ch. Admiration Girls Just Want To Have Fun, daughters living in New Jersey with their devoted Mommy, Lucy Tyler, who is our featured artist on Lucy is a very prolific artist as well as a prolific writer. Lucy sends me emails and updates me constantly on [...]

Brushing Your Poodle

November 16th, 2008

Equipment needed: Table with no skid top Grooming arm to secure your Poodle on the Table Leash or Grooming Noose Pin Brush Ultimate Poodle Comb Slicker Brush Conditioning Spray Small Cylindrical Pillow Knitting Needle Dematting Comb Set your Poodle on the table. Make sure your Poodle is secured to the table with a  leash attached [...]

Dematting Combs

November 12th, 2008

Using my new Dematting Comb on Fletch was such a pleasure. I run a comb through the coat at end of the bathing and after brush drying. Fletch is in full show coat and has enough coat for 3 Standard Poodles. The comb was wonderful! It just glided through straightening the coat so he won’t [...]