About Jacki

My Mother purchased a grooming shop in Farmington, New Mexico when I was 14 years old. The grooming shop, “Tops-n-Tails” was right in our home, so I was surrounded daily with dogs barking, people coming in and out of the house dropping off and picking up their dogs and Groomers grooming. It was only natural, given my innate love for dogs, that I pick up a brush and comb and start grooming. Grooming came easily to me. I loved the action in the grooming shop, busy, busy.

Well that was the start of a long diverse career for me. Since that time I have owned Grooming Shops of my own, worked in Veterinary Hospitals, trained dogs professionally, as well as showing dogs in dog sports of various kinds. The dogs never lost my interest. Today I am still learning from them. I know I have experienced so much more happiness and love because I have dogs in my life. Dogs cause me to smile when I don’t feel like smiling. They have taught me patience and being quietly understanding is a very desirable attribute. I try to approach my days the way I see the dogs approach their day, with so much enthusiasm and excitement they almost burst. They are so smart and are stunning examples of true good in this world.

So please take some time to visit my Blog and share if you like. I welcome you into my world of canine friends.